Brett Seegmiller
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About me


Brett's Quick Facts

  • Lord of the Rings > Harry Potter
  • Mexican food = Italian food
  • Superman < Batman

About me

I love the creative diversity that UX offers because it gives me the ability to interact with genuine people and solve real-world problems. 

I’m an old soul with minimalist sensibilities. I love trying to cultivate unique solutions to simple and complicated problems alike. UX design was the passion I never knew I had until I tried my hand at designing my own website and instantly caught the User Experience bug. 

I started off filming and editing parkour youtube videos using Final Cut Pro which greatly helped with my transition to design tools like Sketch. I'm a movie buff and I write about films on Medium and have even had one of my stories featured on Medium's entertainment page which was pretty cool.

Reach out and send me a message! 

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